Do you have a business idea? Let's work together!

Product Bricks engagement starts with our client needs. We serve clients across Americas as valuable members of their team striving to achieve their goals.

We serve small to mid-size companies across the entire product​management spectrum from Ideation, MVP development, Product Strategy to Growth.

Product Bricks was founded with a single mission to help companies solve their product challenges.

Our team has a startup DNA, bound together with our core values of empathy, mutual respect & get it done attitude. We are a group of Product Leaders based in Dallas with Silicon Valley roots along with a team of experts all across the United States.


Product & Market Innovation

Collaborating with an early stage service company to expand their Product Portfolio and Market Segments, with a combination of selective Build plus Partner strategy.  


New Product Introduction

We are working with a NASDAQ listed company on New Product Introduction, Customer Adaptation Strategy and Voice of Customer Feedback.


Product Growth


Crafting a multi-vendor API partner strategy to exponentially grow an IoT startup's product offerings.  




Our Client was building a software product for the first time. They had great domain knowledge but lacked the expertise to build a software solution in a lean fashion. 


What we did?

We helped them build a prioritized list of features based on business requirements & user research. 


Our product team is now actively working with developers to build & launch the MVP in summer 2020.

Our client wanted to validate if their idea was worth pursuing.

What we did?

Our team was able to leverage its domain expertise combined with detailed research to come up with few hypothesis. 


We built mock-ups to validate the concept with their target customers.  

Based on feedback we build an PoC app, cutting time & cost to market by 50%. 

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"About six months ago we began working with Product Bricks in order to better understand the competitive environment we are in and to develop a plan for how our product could successfully enter the market. As non-technical founders, we quickly realized Aniket and his team could not only help us with our strategic business questions but also guide us through refining our product road map with our developers. He has served as an excellent intermediary helping translate our vision into product requirements.

This has doubtlessly saved us time, money and heartbreak by not losing things in translation. By taking on a bigger role and serving as our Fractional CPO (Chief Product Officer), Aniket and his team have been invaluable in helping us answer a range of questions well beyond those we initially asked."

Kristin - Head of Innovation and Strategy, Corval