• Aniket Malvankar

Lights, Action & Pivot.

As #startuppers it is common to see #startups pivot, but bigger companies are doing it too. Eastman Kodak Company the Instagram of 1970-80, is now in the drug business, after trying #cryptocurrency pivot couple of years ago. It is now going to help make ingredients for generic drugs in the US. Fun Fact: The US government is loaning $ 765 Million of tax payer money to help this endeavor (At the time of loan market cap $ 115 Million) The stock has gone nuts going from $2 - $ 60 - $35 in matter of 2 days. Based on the CEO 💰💰 (fortune has gone up millions in last 3 days) interview the goal is to capture 25% of the US generic drug market. #pivots #biopharma

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